Plated Truss Division

Wood Truss Design

  • We use Alpine/ITW VIEW program for 3D modeling and truss engineering design.
  • Once design is complete, a Detailed Component Book is supplied both for review and installation.
  • Qualty Alpine/ITW Engineered wood connector plates are used in construction of plated wood trusses.
  • For truss to truss connections and heavy uplift bearing conditions Simpson Strongtie connectors are specified.
  • For stand Uplift connections at truss to bearing locations USP Rt7 hurricane ties are utilized.

Wood Fabrication

  • In our 34,000 square foot facility we run state of the art computer saws and pre-measured jigging tables to provide you, the customer with the most accurate truss for your project.
  • All trusses are clearly labeled. Job information, loads and the truss tag are all shown. The center section of the label is placed to the bottom edge of the truss bottom chord and the top and bottom edges fold up on the truss chord sizes. 
  • Once sheetrock is applied the side with loading and job information can still be seen from the attic side of the roof for future reference as it is needed.